Search Engine Optimization (SEO Marketing)

Seo Marketing is our job! Thanks to the settings we make and the special techniques we use, search engines make your site stand out faster.

Suchmaschinenoptimierung - seo marketing

Search Engine Optimization

We do SEO, that is, search engine optimizations on the most used search engines Google, Bing and Yandex. we offer good opportunities for Affiliate marketers.

Continuity of success

We stand behind our work and do not lose our support so that your site can maintain success in search engines.

Suchmaschinenoptimierung - seo marketing
Seo Marketing

Expand your impact area

In addition to the search engine settings on your site, we introduce you to your potential customers in many guiding platforms on the Internet (eg Yellow Pages, My Business, Google Maps) and social media (eg Facebook, Instagram).

What is Search Engine Optimization / SEO Marketing?

All website owners are using search engines such as Google, Yandex and Bing; is to target top ranking when users search. However, since Google is the most used search engine, 99% of site owners undertake Google SEO studies.

What is Google Search Engine Optimization? The process of getting websites ready by going through a series of processes is called SEO. „Search Engine Optimization“ is a term that is formed as a result of the S, E and O initials side by side. In short, Google SEO Marketing is used for optimization in accordance with Google algorithms. The consultants who perform the aforementioned Google SEO optimization process are also called SEO Specialists.

Since Google is the most preferred search engine of the internet users in the world, people want to go to the first page especially on Google. Thus, it is aimed to achieve the maximum level of visitors to the site and to earn more. However, in real life, people are extraordinarily stingy when they spend money on design and quality office products that attract people’s attention in the best place for the office or business where they will open for days. Whereas; on the Internet, it is certain that thousands of times more customers can be reached than in real life;

When it comes to SEO, there are no serious investments in SEO; people sacrifice their beautiful sites to backlink packers.

Why do you need SEO Marketing?

This three-letter abbreviation, which has been frequently encountered in recent years when it comes to digital marketing, is an important part of the marketing plan of many small and large businesses. But it cannot be said that it is used very effectively by the business world and that its value is known. Whereas, SEO is a sustainable marketing tool that can attract quality consumers to the corporate site with effective search pages and content management. Moreover, according to the latest research in the field of marketing, it has a much higher return on investment than traditional marketing tools such as television and print media.

Still, it is worth highlighting: SEO is not a magic method. It cannot turn your family business into a Fortune 500 masterpiece alone. Other advertising tools cannot do this anyway. SEO can make your business more visible and speed up your branding and drive traffic to your site. While increasing the return on investment, it can also give an idea of ​​consumer psychology and behavior.

So Why Should We Get SEO? Why is SEO Important? Now, let’s answer these questions by addressing 5 items that turn SEO into „magic“ and turn it into a concrete marketing tool.

1- SEO for your branding and brand visibility

When the consumer searches for your product and company in search engines, you naturally want to be at the top. But it’s not just asking everyone to click on your website; it goes through many different dynamics. In fact, there is much more under the search results with keyword usage.

For example, most people who do research on search engines do not end their search just by searching one time and clicking on some websites. Instead, they make their research more refined by accessing many websites, rearranging the keywords they use, reviewing the websites that they encounter.

So what does this mean for your company? Let’s summarize now: If you regularly appear in all research results, you have more common ground with all your potential consumers. Thus, as you come across each search result; it is inevitable that these consumers will eventually click on your site. This leads us to another rule on why SEO matters.

2- SEO for your company’s reliability

Consumers take note of their rankings as a result of searches on Google and other search engines. Often they do this on purpose. From their point of view, the ranking you’re in gives them confidence in relation to your company: „According to Google, this company seems to be related to what I’m looking for, then I can choose it.“ Although this proposition does not sound convincing at first, we can clarify the situation by making a comparison through the phone book period.

If you are old enough, go back to those years for a moment. Years when all phones are registered in a phonebook, where everyone calls page by page. Imagine you are looking for a mechanic from the guide. Would you prefer the mechanic at the end of the 7th page, or like most people, would you open the first page and make your choice from there? Although consumers claim otherwise, being in the top of the search results will make your company much more reliable in their eyes.

3- SEO to drive more traffic to your website

Traffic does not make money alone. But would you like to open a bench in an empty back street or in a busy street? Although people walking around in the square do not earn you money in seconds, eventually, someone is more likely to come to you and become your customer than the back streets. That’s why you should do your best and persuade your potential customers to sell to your website. Whatever method you prefer for this, it will be much easier to sell on a crowded street than a desert. By the way, another good thing about SEO is that it is much more affordable in a busy street than shop rentals. For your information!

4- SEO for high advertising return on investment

With SEO, you will get much more feedback from the marketing investments you will make to your company compared to traditional advertising channels. At this point, we can also add digital advertising alongside traditional advertising. The reason for this is that SEO; it is not a TV ad that divides the consumer’s favorite TV show or a boring banner that suddenly appears when reading an online article; This is a marketing strategy that comes up according to the consumer’s search.

With SEO, your company confronts your potential consumers just in time. You don’t have to convince them about your product or service. You just appear at the right place at the right time. Moreover, you do not bother like other advertising tools. In other words, before you set off, you are already halfway through SEO. The name of this road is “The way to win potential consumers”.

5- SEO for consumer insights

As we emphasized earlier, SEO provides traffic to your company’s website. Google Analytics, a unique tool for marketing, analyzes this traffic. Beyond the numbers, this data also gives you treasury-worthy information: consumer insights. What keywords does the consumer use? How does he do his research? What is the language and technology it uses? Where does he live? Which days and times are more active? We can extend these questions further. In the light of this information, you can make stronger decisions about your business by reviewing your strategies both in the offline and online world.

SEO is one of the most popular tools of digital marketing in recent years. This popularity is not only in everyone’s language; it owes its reliability, traffic and return on investment to many businesses. Discover this three-letter digital marketing wonder and enjoy using the digital world in the most effective way for your brand.

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