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Preparing an ordinary business card design can be quite simple. Since our goal is to design a good business card, the following basic principles will be important to you.

  • Selecting the Appropriate Design Program
  • Determining the Business Card Size
  • Color Harmony and Color Information
  • Making Font Choices Correctly
  • Ensuring Design Integrity

It is possible to prepare a professional business card design by acting in accordance with these principles. Let’s examine these principles in detail.

Selecting the Appropriate Design Program

It may be a little confusing which design program will be the better option for beginners. There are a lot of free and paid programs in the Graphic / Design area. In today’s web world, there are web pages where you can prepare your designs even online. The most important point to consider when choosing a program for your business card design is whether the program we will design business cards will be a vector or a pixel based program.

Vector Based

Corel Draw Graphics Suiute and Adobe Illustrator

Pixel Based

Adobe Photoshop

Vector or Pixel Based?

All design programs have similar design tools. All of them can allow you to freely make the design you want. The most important difference is in which program you will create your design more easily and easily while you are making the design you want. For example; Vector-based programs will be better for you if drawings and vectors are dominant in your business card design.

If your business card design is predominant in photos and you will use photo effects and color palettes more frequently, it will be more convenient for you to prepare your design on a pixel-based program such as Photoshop. Not only for the design process, you will determine the quality of your business card, with which design program you work with, even when you complete your business card design and direct it to the production process.

Determination of Business Card Size

You can prepare the size of the business card in accordance with the production to the desired extent. I meant suitable for production; must be suitable for the settings of the press to be used. I am talking about the size of business cards that will not cause problems in printing and post-printing processes. This can vary completely depending on your creativity, what kind of message you want to convey. In general, standard business card sizes are available. Turkey has a standard business card and measures used in the world. I share these measurements and ready-made templates for these measurements to download.

Standard Business Card Sizes;
It is 84 x 52 mm or 85 x 55 mm.

Other than these measurements, the frequently used measurements are;
It is 45 x 85 mm – 50 x 85 mm – 50 x 90 mm – 55x 90 mm.

Color Harmony and Color Information

In order to produce the business card designs that you have prepared, as they appear on your screen during the production phase, it is very, very important to choose the color choices suitable for the production. You may be disappointed at the end due to the differences in RGB (3 colors) and CMYK (4 colors) based presses. Selecting the colors you desire for production will directly affect the result.

If we also consider the paper and printing dye used, catching the colors you want is really an area that requires experience. No matter how much you control color settings in printing processes, it is very important in color harmony within the integrity of the design itself. Especially the colors to be used in sectoral business cards are very important in reflecting your message to the other party. Colors have very important effects on human psychology. If this information is taken into consideration while preparing business card designs, the result will be much better.

Choosing the Right Font

One of the most frequent mistakes in business card designs is wrong font choices and font size not being adjusted correctly. You can use a lot of fonts according to the format of your design. My suggestion is to use 2 or up to 3 different fonts. Using more fonts can cause confusion on the design. Font selections for business card designs directly affect the given message. It would be wrong to choose a lively, lively font in a business card design that you want to emphasize the institutionalism and seriousness.

Font compatibility is very important for your business card design to be better. Using complementary fonts enhances the design. You can use different fonts in the same font family or you can choose different compatible font families in your designs. I share several font combinations about this.

Compatible fonts in business card design

Helvetica / Garamond 

Caslon / Univers

Frutiger / Minion

Futura / Bodoni

Garamond / FuturaGill Sans / Caslon

Minion / Gill Sans

Univers / Caslon

Bodoni / Futura

Myriad / Minion

Ensuring Design Integrity

You have prepared all the details that you will use in your business card design. You have completed all your work related to your information, visuals, fonts and color and you are at the last point. Making a String of your business card design. Failure to make the string correctly will cause your business card design to look ugly. The most important point here is the communication between the elements you use in design. Very important criteria such as the distance between the elements you use in your design, the size / smallness ratio between them, and their location within the design area will determine whether your design is bad, good or very good.

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