How to work your webdesign service?

First of all, we want to know what type of website you need. You have to tell us. Then we decide if we can work together.

Where will my website be published?

If you wish, you can host a server or hosting on our server if you wish. We do not charge Server fees in the first year. However, you should pay the site hosting fee next year. When you provide your host by yourself, you pay annual or monthly fees to the company you purchase.

What happens to my domain and site when I end my work with you?

We hand over the management of your domain to you. If you want, we can give you your site as a zip file. So you can transfer your site to another host.

How does your seo service work?

Our seo service operates in two ways. The first is done as a one-time seo work. It covers the promotion and indexing of your site to google. We add your local business to Google services.
Secondly, we work daily or weekly to protect your site from rising against its competitors in Google on a monthly basis. We develop strategies to increase your customer base.