What is WordPress?

What is WordPress (briefly): It is a content management system that allows you to produce, publish and manage all kinds of content with clicks without the need for any coding knowledge. A nice opportunity especially for those who work with affiliate marketing. 🙂

If you are looking for a detailed answer to the questions such as what is wordpress, what does it do, exactly what is done with wordpress, what purpose is the wordpress used and if you want to fully understand the wordpress, I definitely recommend you to continue the article.

What is WordPress?

What Does WordPress Do (What It Is): Basically the logic of setting up a website works as follows; first you get a hosting and domain name for your site. (see: how to get hosting and domain) These steps are the same and fixed for all kinds of websites (e-commerce, forum, news, blog, company, advertisement etc.) to be established. (see how to set up a website)

Then, you set up your site on this hosting and domain you bought. The part that shows difference starts after this point. You need to know coding to build your site in a functional and functional way.

Here, WordPress eliminates this requirement that is requested from you. It allows you to set up and manage your site without coding or any technical knowledge. You can set up and manage your site with clicks.

After hosting and receiving domains (these two steps are the same and common steps for all kinds of different installation management) there are tens or even hundreds of different methods for site installation in the world. Here is just one of them in wordpress.

But; Do not think about what systems are there because almost 30% (millions) of all the sites in the world are built with wordpress infrastructure.

Where is 1 in 3! which is increasing day by day.

WordPress is one of the biggest internet revolutions. It does not exaggerate, it really is! How and why is it a revolution;

Previously (before becoming a wordpress), the system worked as follows: When people want to share a knowledge and expertise with people without any financial purpose, they either want to know coding or pay someone to know this coding when they want to share their knowledge and expertise with people without any financial purpose. needed.

Of course, since the technical difficulties or wages of this work created a big question mark in the minds of the people, most people’s dreams did not just stay in thought and came to life.

Every thought that did not come to life prevented the information from being shared with the society and ultimately indirectly preventing the progress of humanity.

This is exactly where the wordpress revolutionized. In other words, it eliminates all this technical difficulty or the obligation of people to pay a fee to build a site. As the technical difficulties disappeared, the information sharing momentum on the internet increased tremendously as people easily set up sites.

In fact, you can think of wordpress as the version of youtube that enables the production of information-oriented content. How easy is your job when you want to publish a video on the internet? Take your video and upload it to youtube. That’s all!

With all this, isn’t it natural that millions and even billions of visual information-content production emerges? Here is an intermediary platform that eliminates all technical difficulties like youtube in order for the production of written information in wordpress on the internet.

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