What is Amazon Associates / Affiliate Marketing?

We don’t know what the word partnership means to you, but if we are talking about Amazon sales partnership, we can say that it means growing business. There are comprehensive applications that you can set up a sales site on the Internet, the first of which is easy and fast. With this application, you can create an additional Amazon store and earn additional income in the form of an Amazon affiliate.

The logic of the additional income you will get is as follows. You will receive commissions from every sale by selling products thanks to the sales partnership you have made with the site you have opened. In the light of this information, if you are eager to create an Amazon sales store using WordPress, we will explain how to create this store in the following article.

Thanks to your Amazon affiliate store, both Amazon and you win. Customer traffic will increase and revenue will increase thanks to the online store promoting the products on sale on Amazon.com. Almost all marketers proceed using this sales option. You can start with little investment and continue by choosing the product you want listed on Amazon.

When opening a affiliate store, you can start with any of the WordPress e-commerce plugins. Let us remind you that the most popular among these is Woocommerce. WooCommerce is one of the most preferred options for e-commerce sites in the world. You will also need a WordPress hosting account, domain name and SSL certificate if you want to accept payments for your individual products on the website you create.

If you have no idea about WordPress installation, you can read our articles or get help by contacting us. Of course, we are on Amazon education. Let’s add it. 😊 After completing WordPress installation, you will have access to the clipboard and then you will need to install and activate Woocommeerci. If you have finished the activation process, you will be asked to start the setup wizard where you will manage your information such as Woocommerce currency, payment options and location.

You need to sign up for the Amazon affiliate program before you can start adding products. Click on the Amazon Affiliate Program website and the free join now post. You will be asked to login to your existing Amazon account with the email address and password associated with your account. Go step by step in the profile that comes up, and answer the questions about your creditor information and website correctly. Once all this is complete, your Amazon affiliate application will be reviewed and approved if everything is OK.

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