How to Install WordPress?

Before installing WordPress, you definitely need a host and domain name. You cannot install wordpress without hosting and domains.

Hosts are servers that keep your site running 24/7. Domain is the name of your site. such as or

You can purchase the host and domain name with or another Company. is one of the largest hosting companies in the world and has really fast servers. If you don’t know why server speed matters, see How to Improve Page Speed for More Traffic and Conversions. After completing hosting and domain purchase, you can perform wordpress installation by following the wordpress installation steps as described in the video below.

I will talk about two ways to install WordPress. The first one is to manually upload via ftp. Assuming that your goal is affiliate marketing, I do not recommend spending your valuable time on tasks that require technical knowledge such as uploading with ftp. Therefore, I am talking about methods that will lead you to earn money quickly without touching on technical events. The other method is to install it automatically from the control panel of your hosting company.

How to Install WordPress using cPanel?

Assuming that you bought your host from Godaddy, I added this video below. If you bought your host from a different company, their panel will be almost similar to godaddy.

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